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AZHYAR.673623.006 TU

Commercially produced capacitors. Available to order.

Capacitor specification
Characteristics Rated capacitance, F
Rated voltage, V2.7
Leakage current, µA, 72 hours101015254065160200700
Equivalent series resistance DC, mOhm2005545354127161512
Maximum-permissible overvoltage, V2.85
Maximum discharge current, A0.551.72.855.15710.3518.532.535
Operating temperature, °С-50…65
Storage temperature, °С-50…70
Operating time, cycles500 000
Operating time, hours30 000
Guarantee storage and operating life, years25
Mass, g2.
Dimensions, D x H, mm6.3x148x138x2010x2010x3012.5x2516x2518x4020x4025x60

Dimensional drawing of capacitor

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