Tantalum wet-slug capacitor

AZHYAR.673543.011 TU

Polar sealed capacitors. Capacitors are used as pulse power supply in single and short-term use equipment and suitable for interspecific applications. Capacitors are allowed to operate from 133 Pa to 2.92х10-5 Pa

Main parameters
Rated voltage, V 16
Rated capacitance, µF 2 500
Capacitance tolerance (20 °C, 50 Hz), % ±10; +20…0; +30…0
Temporary overvoltage within 10 sec., V 1.15 UR
Maximum operating temperature Tenv, °C +85
Minimal operating temperature Tenv, °C -60

Capasitor physical configuration

Capacitors reliability
Operation modes
Minimal nonfailure operating time, tλ, hours Capacitor failure rate, λ, 1/hour, max
Maximum-permissible mode
(UR, Tenv=85 °С)
10 000 5x10-5
Light mode (UR, Tenv=60 °С) 50 000 2x10-6
Gamma-rated time of capacitor storageability Tcy at y=97.5%, years, min

Capacitor electric parameters value when delivered
UR, V CR, µF Mass, g, max tg δ, %, 25 °C, 50 Hz, max ILEAK, µA, 25 °C, after 10 min., max Z, Ohm, 25 °C, 10kHz, max Capacitor charging time to UCHARGING=16 V, tCHARGING, мsec
16 2 500 19.5 50 25 0.25 200

Example of reference designation for ordering:

CAPACITOR K52-24 - 16V - 2500 µF ±10% AZHYAR.673543.011 TU